If your zodiac sign were a kind of single, what would it be?


 These people love a good political argument but may be dangerous at a dinner party since they need continual stimulation and will provoke merely to see what will occur.


 They are stubborn about staying with the same person, and they avoid being alone so that they may buy more expensive furnishings and more tapas at restaurants.


This includes texting their whole contact list, conversing nonstop, absorbing information, and making up stories about anything from denim jackets to their own lives. 


Cancers are always waxing lyrical, stalking in full, messaging longingly, and/or hexing their ex. This phase lasts until they find someone else who is hurt, inaccessible, or emotionally handicapped and in need of care.


The single Leo is a predator, ready to schmooze and impress everyone who will listen. So long as they are made to feel loved and desired, it doesn't matter who provides the aid to these folks. 



 They are self-loathing and hold themselves to unreasonable standards, therefore they seldom find a partner. intended for They have a severe lack of confidence in both themselves and others.


Being single is the most formative experience for a Libra because it requires them to discover who they are without from the support of another person, to learn to prioritise their own needs above those of their partner, and to develop independence and self-reliance. 


When they're alone, their fixation on their exes only becomes stronger, and they've developed a reputation for doing whatever it takes to remain in their ex's circle, including but not limited to monitoring devices and hacking voicemails.


Sagittarius is content to pass the time sleeping with strangers, playing the didgeridoo, wandering the aisles of bookstores, and refining their soap box speeches while waiting for a partner who can satisfy their desire for independence.


A lone Cap is hard at work right now. Although they may be travelling alone, they are making every effort to pave the way ahead with gold and are preserving their balance by dressing in clothes .


Aquarius is oblivious to the fact that the world around them is anything but a monochrome world of singles and couples. Like a water bearer's familiar, a romantic relationship helps the resident genius focus on being creative rather than doing menial tasks


Pisces benefit the world while they are unmarried because they are able to channel their caring and imaginative energies towards other people's projects and relationships. Or maybe they stand there, bleary-eyed and tipsy.

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