How To Improve Your Luck Using Astrology


If Tyche is in Aries, candle magic and incense manifestation are your go-tos for increasing your luck. To be more precise, green candles and cinnamon incense.


Positive affirmations are your greatest ally when it comes to manifesting with Tyche in Taurus. It's almost as if you were born with fortunate girl syndrome and were unaware of it!


If you have Tyche in Gemini, you may attract extra good fortune into your life by writing down your desires. Try out the scripting method. Or the journaling approach. Or the love letter approach .


With Tyche in Cancer, the most effective technique to produce good fortune is to take a shower and envision what you want to manifest. Alternatively, draw a relaxing bath and envision when you are entirely calm.


With Tyche in Leo, the most effective technique to attract good fortune is to behave as if you are already what you want to be or have what you want in your life.



If you have Tyche in Virgo, you will be a master at manifesting via scripting. Ultimately, Virgo enjoys being meticulous and discreet, and this methodology satisfies both criteria.


Since Venus controls Libra, your preferred manifestation technique with Tyche in Libra is to envision your wishes while listening to Venus's frequency of 221.23 Hz.


With Tyche in Scorpio, good fortune arrives when you choose to let go of the poisonous and evolve. You may even imagine yourself exchanging something you no longer want for something you do.


Visualization while listening to the 183.58 Hz frequency of Jupiter is your go-to manifestation technique if your Tyche is in Sagittarius. More so if you want to generate any kind of abundance.


Tyche in Capricorn is ideal for bay leaf magic manifestations. Simply write your goals on a dried bay leaf and bring it with you or place it beneath your pillow before going to sleep.


This placement provides you good fortune when you are more daring and adventurous. Additionally, vision boards perform very well for Tyche in Aquarius, since this is essentially an Aquarius trait.


If you have Tyche in Pisces, meditation is your greatest buddy when it comes to manifestation. Ultimately, Pisces is the most spiritual sign and finds it simple to connect with the ethereal and metaphysical realms via meditation.

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