How each zodiac sign handles a crush?


As a cardinal fire sign, you demonstrate interest in people in a strong and forthright manner. Your forthright approach is what sets you apart from others, although you may be a little aggressive. 


 Due to your earthy character, you are always wanting to go the mile in romantic relationships, therefore you seldom hurry into situations. If someone attempts to move too rapidly, you are likely to dig in your heels.


As a changeable air sign, you're always seeking cognitively engaging connections that keep you on your toes. You have a tendency to be somewhat playful with your crushes, and you appreciate their snarky banter.


 You are used to catering to your crush, holding space for their emotions, and regularly checking in on them. While you may approach new partnerships with some caution, once you feel comfortable, you never hesitate to put your cards on the table.


 When you like someone, you have no difficulty lavishing them with compliments and attention as long as you get the same in return. You go above and beyond to make prospective romantic partners feel unique, and they seldom feel the need to second-guess your actions. 



 As the changeable earth sign of the zodiac, you are constantly seeking for ways to be of assistance to the people you care about, so when you like someone, you concentrate on displaying your helpful nature.


Occasionally, this may lead people to misinterpret your intentions, but when you're *really* interested in someone — which occurs often, considering that Venus rules your sign — there's seldom any doubt. 


While your admirer may believe you slipped into their direct messages on a whim, you likely intended to reach out to them *weeks* beforehand. As a cautious water sign, you're not a lover of taking impulsive chances.


 When you have a crush on someone, you could invite them on spur-of-the-moment visits to distant cities or late-night drives around town. Some might say you tend to avoid commitments.


 When you have a crush, you are often considerably more reserved, which means you may not instantly declare your intentions. Instead, you like to ensure if a relationship has a future before taking action. 


. You are typically someone who comes off as cool, calm, and collected, and the same is true when you like someone. In fact, it may be difficult for your romantic interests to pick up on your emotions if you look so casual.


When you are interested in someone, you are tremendously unselfish and giving with your time, effort, and energy. Though you might be a touch naïve at times, your optimistic approach usually works to your advantage.

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