Everything you need to know to create baby food at home

There is no need for any specialised tools or knowledge, and the preparation is much easier than that for the grownups in your life. 

How to prepare homemade baby food!

Once they start nibbling at little amounts, it becomes even simpler to transform almost any meal into a baby food purée for stage 1 eaters.

Keep things super clean

 When making meals for a baby, it's important to clean thoroughly beforehand. Only use clean surfaces and utensils to make meals. 

Dilute carefully.

Don't use cow's milk in homemade baby food since newborns can't swallow it till 1 year old. Breast milk, formula, or filtered water thin purées well. 

Consider allergies.

Consult your child's doctor before introducing dairy, eggs, and nuts.



Under-12-month-olds cannot eat honey or maple syrup. These chemicals may affect glucose levels and contain minor amounts of botulinum.

When may my infant eat solids?

 Solids are non-breastmilk or formula foods. First solids for newborns are purées you purchase or create.

Will my baby eat solids?

Your baby is ready to start eating solids if they can sit up, have strong head and neck control, and lean forward or open their mouth when food is close.

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