Here's How He Expresses His Love to You


Like with other things in life, Aries is upfront and honest in their romantic relationships. If a rational person like this tells you they love you, it comes from a really genuine place.


Being a traditionalist, Taurus takes pleasure in showing affection in more conventional ways, such as footing the bill (and ignoring your protests when you offer to chip in) and going out.


When a Gemini speaks to someone, they express their affection without having to use the words "I love you." If you're texting a Gemini, be prepared for the unpleasant reality.


Cancerians, when they're feeling loved, tend to become too guarded. This may be checking in to see how your day is going, preparing a meal, or making sure you're cosy as you and your significant other watch Netflix together.


A Leo craves independence in (almost) every aspect of their lives, but once they've fallen in love, they'll put you before themselves and cease prioritising their own happiness.



When it comes to relationships, a Virgo may be elusive. The idea of letting someone love them without conditions is terrifying to them because it makes them feel vulnerable, which they despise.


The Libra man who loves you will try harder to tell the truth and stop treating you like everyone else. When he realises how unique you are to him, he will open up to you and tell you about themselves.


He may not really tell you that he loves you, but he will certainly treat you like a goddess by staring at you with adoration, making out passionately, and fulfilling all of your erotic demands.


If you're a Sagittarius, falling in love is merely another adrenaline rush. They have a tendency to let their guard down when they fall in love, which may give the impression that their relationships are never serious.


Love for a Capricorn is basically just a search for a closest friend. Instead than worrying about finding a passionate lover or a free spirit, they focus on finding someone who shares their values and goals in life.


They take romantic relationships extremely seriously and are looking for someone who is as smart and unique as they are. When someone loves you, they will make fun of your horrible jokes .


 Even if they like being in love, the thought of having their heart shattered is terrifying to them. This may explain why they seem so guarded about sharing their emotions.

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