Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope for the Week

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You can be a little closed off at times, and while you often have no trouble advancing, you also have a tendency to become a martyr. This week, Venus and Mars are conjunct, creating an opportunity for good dialogues to resolve long-standing difficulties.


When it enters Scorpio's waters, your sister sign symbolizes amorous partnerships. You have the opportunity to be more in touch with your emotions. This can help you overcome recent conflicts and allow you to enjoy each other more deeply.


 The New Moon in Virgo happened at the end of August 2022, when Mars entered Gemini for the first time. The last few months have been a period of great healing and development, and now you must decide whether to leave or remain.


You have reached a point of development where your relationship must expand with you; therefore, you must be willing to communicate your new desires and wants. Give your spouse a chance.



Saturn is seen as a planet that only creates disruptions and delays. In Pisces, though, it gets softer. It is not intended to dismantle systems or provide a harsh dose of truth. Instead, the focus is on strengthening your spirituality..


This week, Jupiter and Chiron establish a magnificent union of healing, illuminating all forms of transformation and relationship. As Saturn enters Pisces and activates your relationship sector, you may be confronted with truths .


Since mid-February, when the stellium in Aries began energizing your relationship sector, you've been experiencing an intense era of growth and divine chances. Jupiter and Chiron, both still in Aries, collaborate to provide you .


Juno is the asteroid responsible for regulating marriage and romantic agreements. This might be anything from a proposal to a time allocation plan for work, relationships, and family. The agreements in love establish the container for the relationship itself.


This should be prefaced with "ready or not, here it is" This week, Saturn, the lord of time and karma, makes its anticipated dive into Pisces, activating healing, home, and family themes. The zodiac's twelfth sign, Pisces, represents absolutes.


The Aries stellium has been rather tough for you, as it has heightened your family's disappointments and feelings of lack. Recently, there have undoubtedly been more arguments or, at the very least, a loss of connection, as well as shorter fuse lengths.

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Gemini energy governs the area of your life pertaining to marriage, commitment, children, happiness, and self-expression. With Mars having spent the past six months here, this region has seen remarkable development and hopefully brought you much happiness.


The Full Moon in Virgo will bring to conclusion themes that have been ongoing in your life since the New Moon in Virgo at the end of August 2022. Not only did the New Moon occur during this period, but Mars also moved into Gemini, emphasising your home and family surroundings.

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