Breeds of hypoallergenic cats


This gorgeous breed, known as the long-haired Siamese, has many of the same characteristics, including dazzling blue eyes and a lovely, velvety coat. The Balinese requires weekly brushing.


While cats may have up to three layers of hair, the Javanese is one of the few breeds without an undercoat, meaning it sheds less and is less allergenic. The long-haired variety resembles the Siamese as well.

Devon Rex

Even if you suffer from allergies, you will have a great time with this playful and friendly breed of cat, which is nicknamed the Pixie cat because of its enormous ears, huge eyes, and elf-like features. 

Cornwall Rex

The Cornish Rex is another short-haired "hypoallergenic" breed that does not shed as much as other cats; nonetheless, you will need to wash them since their skin does produce oil. 


The semi-long-haired Siberian is often regarded to as a "hypoallergenic" breed, which may come as a surprise. But it has a thick, three-layered coat appropriate for the temperature of Siberia.



Not surprisingly, the sphynx appears on this list. This rare breed is hairless, making it very hypoallergenic. However, despite its lack of a coat, the breed still requires regular bathing or sponging to prevent .

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is allergy-friendly in addition to having a delicate, silvery grey coat and piercing emerald eyes that make it easily recognisable. The short-haired breed is an excellent option.

Japanese Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair has short or long, soft, silky fur that comes in a variety of colours. This breed requires minimal maintenance and sheds very little, making it an ideal companion for anyone with allergies.


This short-haired cat resembles a wildcat because of its thick, spotted coat. Not only is it attractive, but its coat sheds less than other breeds, making it simpler to manage allergies.


The LaPerm is another surprise on the list of "hypoallergenic" breeds, given its curly coat. This breed is relatively low-maintenance despite its fluffy coat, since it sheds little and its curls trap dander.

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