Astrologers' Valentine's Day Predictions


About this Valentine's Day, Aries would do well to take some time alone to reflect on their ideal romantic relationship. Then they may "fuel that experience in their lives" by tuning into those emotions.


For Taurus, platonic love is a "passageway to pleasure,". She recommends "telling your pals that you love them" instead of spending the day with your significant other or cancelling a planned outing.


When celebrating Valentine's Day, this inquisitive sign would do well to extend their horizons by learning about a new culture. This "may truly link people to that feeling of satisfaction, joy, and love,".


Cancer has some cleaning up and breakups to do on Valentine's Day. It doesn't even have to be another person; it might be harmful routines and behaviours. 


If you're a Leo, and you're "so heart-oriented," then this Valentine's Day is a good time to practise accuracy and thoughtfulness in your actions, particularly when it comes to managing your resources.



"It seems like it may be a really romantic day for Virgos, and yet they simply need to control their expectations" since this usually exact and discriminating sign may find themselves "flooded with emotion" on Valentine's Day. 


Concentrate on their own enjoyment as opposed to immersing themselves into work or other people's duties" on Valentine's Day so they don't let their job get in the way of their emotions.


On this holiday dedicated to love, Scorpio will be happiest at home. Whether it's your own or a friend's, "there is something about being at your house or someone else's that may bring a lovely pleasure,".


Sagittarians have a tendency to internalise their emotions rather than convey them to others; nevertheless, this Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity for them to stop being coy and start being direct about what they want.


This Valentine's Day, Caps should "do the spiritual work" and become clearer about what they really treasure. People are honest with themselves about their principles, it will improve their relationships and overall health.


For Aquarius to thrive in this emotionally charged time, "it seems like the cornerstone of what might assist them to grow is to truly take stock of and know who they are."


 They have a keen awareness of the magic and comfort that exists inside themselves.  Valentine's Day to "infuse us with a feeling of soulfulness and spirit" in the company of loved ones.

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