Advantages of lucky stones for each zodiac sign

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Corals are beautiful stones mined from the skeletons of marine organisms known as Coral Polyps. This ram-represented fire sign may benefit monetarily from this red gemstone.

Aries — Coral

Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth; it is also the most valuable, pure, and regal. The refinement process gives it a distinctive shine and radiance.

Taurus — Diamond

The Twins' lucky gemstone is the emerald, which has a hexagonal crystal structure and is said to calm the wearer, inspire originality, and bring material success.

Gemini — Emerald

 The pearl brings the crab, an emotional water sign, a great deal of love, serenity, and good fortune. They provide Cancerians with much-needed grounding.

Cancer — Pearl

The fiery Leo, who is controlled by the sun, is said to find great fortune in this ruby-red corundum. If you're a fire sign, wearing a ruby can help you excel in the workplace and in the classroom.

Leo — Ruby or red garnet


 The emerald is a fortunate stone for those born under this zodiac sign, bringing them prosperity in all their endeavours. Green tourmalines are more affordable alternatives to emeralds.

Virgo — Emerald or green tourmaline

 Diamonds magnify their originality, strengthen their relationships, and bring good fortune. White quartz, however, is still another low-cost alternative to diamonds.

Libra — White quartz or diamond

This passionate water sign, governed by Mars, is associated with red coral. To help calm their tempers, Scorpios might benefit from wearing coral jewellery.

Scorpio — Red coral

This is why the fortunate colour for those born under the sign of the fiery phoenix is a golden yellow gemstone. The Archer zodiac, represented by the yellow sapphire, has great success in school and the workplace.

Sagittarius — Yellow sapphire

They are focused on their goals and have strong moral convictions. The calming effects of the blue sapphire, together with the wealth and fame it brings, make it the perfect stone for them.

Capricorn — Blue sapphire

They find that blue sapphires, or more affordable alternatives like turquoise and lapis lazuli, help them focus and maintain financial security.

Aquarius — Blue sapphire

Pisces, whose symbol is two fish swimming in opposing directions, making them cool under pressure, smart, and spiritual. The most suitable gem for a Piscean is a yellow sapphire.

Pisces: Yellow sapphire or pearl

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